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The Ibanez TMB30 is a solid body 4 string electric bass guitar with passive P and J pickups. Production began Nov 2015. The TMB30 is manufactured in Indonesia.

These specifications were obtained from the following sources:

All part numbers are Ibanez numbers unless otherwise noted. Ibanez part number suffix CH = Chrome, BK = Black.

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Model TMB30
Scale 30” (762mm)
Overall Length (Including Strap Button) 41.4" (1051mm)
Overall Width 13" (330mm)
Body Thickness 1.6" (40.6mm)
Weight (Approximate) 8 lbs ± 0.5 lbs
Wood Type (Body) Poplar
Wood Type (Neck) Maple
Wood Type (Fretboard) Jatoba
Strap Button Model 4EP1C2C
Pickguard Model 4PG1PC0018
Pickguard Type 3 Ply
Pickguard Thickness 0.09" (2.2mm)
Pickguard Width 8.5" (216mm)
Pickguard Height 10" (254mm)
Pickguard Screw Type #4-24 / M3 (unverified), Oval Head, Phillips, AB Point
Pickguard Screw Nominal Thread Diameter 0.117" (3mm)
Pickguard Screws Total Length (Including Head) 0.5" (13mm)
Pickguard Screws Head Diameter 0.23" (5.5mm)
Strap Button Screw Type #8, M4 (unverified), Oval Head, Phillips, AB Point
Strap Button Screw Nominal Thread Diameter 0.16" (4mm)
Strap Button Screws Total Length (Including Head) 1.1" (28mm)
Strap Button Screws Head Diameter 0.3" (7.5mm)
Paint Color (Ivory) PPG: Barley Butter
Sherwin-Williams: Pineapple Cream
Valspar: Cloth
Hex: #F8E9C2
RGB(248, 233, 194)
Ibanez TMB30 Pickguard Dimensions Ibanez TMB30 Dimensions

I believe Ibanez uses metric screws, however, Imperial sizes are close enough to generally be acceptable replacements.


Neck Name TMB4
Neck Model 1NK1PC0365-BK
Frets (Number) 20
Fret Size Medium
Neck Radius 9.45” (240mm)
Width At Nut 1.61” (41mm)
Width At Body / 20th Fret 2.44” (62mm)
Thickness At 1st Fret 0.85” (21.5mm)
Thickness At 12th Fret 0.97” (24.5mm)
Nut Model 4N4132401R-PIV
4NT1MC0006 (discontinued)
Nut Width 1 5/8" (41mm)
Nut Height 3/16" (4.8mm)
Nut Thickness 1/8" (3.3mm)
Neck Screw Bushing 4NSB1450-BK
Inlay Shape Dot
Inlay Diameter 0.24" (6mm)
Inlay Color White(ish)
Truss Rod Wrench Size 4mm
Tuning Machine Hole Diameter
(Ferrule Insert Outer Diameter)
11/16" (17.5mm)
Tuning Machine Ferrule Insert Inner Diameter 0.55" (14mm)

The factory supplied truss rod hex key / Allen wrench measures 3.93mm.


Bridge Name B10
Bridge Model 2BB14-CH
Mounting Holes 6 (4 lower, 2 upper)
Mounting Hole Spacing (Lower) 0.75" (19mm)
Mounting Hole Spacing (Upper) 2.12" (53.8mm) (unverified)
Intonation Screw M3-0.50mm
Saddle Height Screw Wrench Size 2mm

My TMB30 saddle height screws are 2mm. My TMB100 has a different factory bridge (Model 2BB1PCA001) with 1.5mm saddle height screws.


P Pickup Name (Neck) Dynamix P
P Pickup Model (Neck) 3PUDXPP0-FBN
J Pickup Name (Bride) Dynamix J
J Pickup Model (Bride) 3PUDXJEJ0-FBN
P Length 1.1" (27.9mm)
P Width (side to side) 2.25" (57.3mm)
P Width (with mounts) 2.63' (66.8mm)
P Height
J Width (side to side) 3.65" (92.6mm)
J Length (with mounts) 1.12" (28.5mm)
J Length 0.78" (19.8mm)
J Height
12th Fret to P1 Distance 9.75" (248mm)
12th Fret to P2 Distance 10.88" (276mm)
12th Fret to J Distance 13.13" (334mm)
Ibanez TMB30 P Pickup Ibanez TMB30 J Pickup

The 12th fret to pickup distance is measured from the fret wire to the center of the pickup. The 12th fret is just an arbitrary reference point.

Tuning Machines

Tuning Machine Model 2MM0034L, 2MM0034R
Tuning Machine Weight (Each) 3.0 oz (85g)
Tuning Machine Shaft Diameter 0.55 in (13.9mm)
Tuning Machine Mounting Screw Thread Diameter 0.1" (2.5mm)
Tuning Machine Mounting Screw Thread Length 0.4" (10.2mm)
Tuning Machine Mounting Screw Overall Length 0.5" (12.7mm)
Ibanez Tuning Machine

The factory tuning machine shaft diameter is 13.9mm. The ferrule insert inner diameter is 14mm and the headstock hole diameter (ferrule insert outer diameter) is 17.5mm.


String Spacing 0.75” (19mm)
String Gauge (Factory) 0.045 – 0.065 – 0.085 – 0.105
Bridge to Tuner Shaft (E) 33.5" (851mm)
Bridge to Tuner Shaft (A) 35.5" (902mm)
Bridge to Tuner Shaft (D) 37" (940mm)
Bridge to Tuner Shaft (G) 33.75" (857mm)
String Retainer Model 4TH1MC0001
Ibanez TMB30 Bridge To Tuner

The "Bridge to Tuner Shaft" length may be used to determine the maximum string length without the fat part of the string beginning to wind around the tuner shaft.

Wiring / Controls

Control Knob Model 4KB1PC0002
Control Knob Shaft Hole 6mm, Spline, No Set Screw
Control Knob Diameter (Main, Brim) 15.5mm, 20mm
Control Knob Height 11mm
Output Jack Model 3JKO6S001-CH
Output Jack Type Tip, Sleeve
Output Jack Size 0.25" (6.3mm)
Jack Plate Model 4JKPTMS-CH
Jack Plate Length 4.92" (125mm)
Jack Plate Width 1.38" (35mm)
Control Assembly Model 3CA0002R
Control Assembly Type 2 volume, 1 tone
Potentiometer Value (P Volume) B500K (Linear Taper)
Potentiometer Value (J Volume) B500K (Linear Taper)
Potentiometer Value (Tone) A500K (Audio Taper)
Potentiometer Shaft 6mm, Split, Spline
Potentiometer Shaft Split Gap 0.035" (0.89mm)
Potentiometer Spline Length 0.32" (8mm)
Potentiometer Thread Diameter 0.3" (7.7mm)
Potentiometer Thread Length 0.39" (10mm)
Potentiometer Body Diameter 0.65" (16.5mm)
Potentiometer Overall Height 1.06" (27mm)
Pickguard Potentiometer Hole Diameter 0.35" (8.9mm)
Ibanez TMB30 Wiring

Gotoh VK1-18, VK1-19 knobs have 6mm smooth (no splines) shaft holes with a set screw that fit the factory pots.

Drop-In Replacements

Most standard P pickups (Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound SPB-3, EMG, etc.) should be a drop-in replacement.

Gotoh GB350 tuning machines are a drop-in replacement if the Gotoh ferrules (14mm outer diameter) are placed into the factory ferrules, (14mm inner diameter) and a new screw mounting hole is drilled.

Hipshot USA 1/2" Ultralite Bass Tuning Machines require a 17mm or 17.5mm hole and should be a drop-in replacement with a new screw mounting hole and possibly some tape shimming around the shaft.

Hipshot USA 3/8" Ultralite Bass Tuning Machines require a 14mm hole and should be a drop-in replacement if placed into the factory ferrules (14mm inner diameter), and a new screw mounting hole is drilled.

Hipshot Licensed 3/8" Ultralite Bass Tuning Machines require a 14mm hole and should be a drop-in replacement if placed into the factory ferrules (14mm inner diameter), and a new screw mounting hole is drilled.

Jack plate model JP-CST-C (chrome), JP-CST-B (black) are drop-in replacements.

Plastic nut model BN-2210-023, BN-2350-000 at may be drop-in replacements.

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Compatible Strings

La Bella 760FS-S Deep Talkin’ Bass Flats – Standard 45-105, Short Scale. Source

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