Is Google Racist?

Is Google Racist?

by Kevin Wilson

My journey down the Google rabbit hole began after I read an article on

From the article: "A former Google insider claims the company created algorithms to hide its political bias within artificial intelligence platforms... delivered roughly 950 pages of documents to the Department of Justice’s Antitrust division Friday."

In the comment section a user named Blackhawks claimed that googleing "White Couples" returns mostly interracial images. Sounded strange, but I tried it and it's true!

Google Racist White Couple

In another comment a user named Not My Real Name said that googling "American Inventors" returns a list with almost all black inventors. I also tried it and it's true!

Google Racist American Inventors

Nikola Tesla (who happens to be white) is listed 29th. Which is tragically ironic because Google's existence likely depends more on his inventions than anyone else.

Tesla Google Racist American Inventors

In my humble opinion, erasing white inventors and replacing them with black inventors is clearly racist. What if I did a google search for "Best NBA Players" and Google returned mostly white players? That would obviously be racist. Don't worry, I tried the search and got 100% black NBA players in the search results.

Google Racist NBA Players

So it seems Google does not like to show white people in their results. When specifically asked (affectively forced) to show white men, about half of the images it returns are crazy looking criminal mug shots. The astute observer will notice that the caption under the first "normal" looking white man actually says "Biases that benefit white men..."

Google Racist White Man

How does Google portray black couples? Well, all the images returned depict attractive black couples seemingly having a great time. No interracial couples are shown. Even the black couple in the image with the stereotypical, old, racist, white lady and the caption saying "Gun On Black Couple Enjoying Picnic..." are smiling.

Google Racist Black Couple

Based on the preceding search results, it's clear that Google is returning biased and defamatory results against white people. Well, discriminating against people based on race is the very definition of racism! So diving a little deeper down Google's rabbit hole of delusion, I tried a search for Reverse Racism - just to see how warped their reality has become. No surprise - all of the results (excluding the obligatory Wikipedia result) questioned the existence of reverse racism.

Google Reverse Racism

Based on my Google search results, I'm lead to the conclusion that the most important inventions were actually made by black people, many white couples are actually interracial couples, that your average white man is a criminal, and all black people are attractive, happy and incapable of hatred!

It's obvious that Google is attempting to alter our perception of reality. It's of the utmost importance that we realize Google results do not accurately reflect reality or the truth (as far as I can tell). Apparently, Google only provides results that support their world-view. It's disturbing that they're attempting to manipulate society into a new reality based on false premise - not the truth.

What is the purpose of the obvious racist, biased, manipulation, and demonization of white people? To what end do they strive? White guilt? Are they trying to "fight fire with fire"? Is it some sort of sanctimonious morality police force to counteract their perceived immoral, racism percolating through society? Perhaps they think if they can convince enough people in society that race is inconsequential - then race will actually become inconsequential - and we can finally all live together in peace and harmony with rainbows and unicorns!

Google has created quite a moral paradox in their efforts to promote black people. You cannot give something to someone without first taking it from someone else. Google must first remove white inventors and the recognition of their accomplishments before they can place black inventors into the top results. It is immoral and unjust. The road to hell is paved with good intentions - and Google is well on their way.

Rage Against Reality

Sometimes the truth hurts. Sometimes reality bites. Sometimes it's difficult to accept, particularly when the truth does not align with your world-view. In these circumstances, someone without the necessary fortitude will often fabricate their own delusional version of reality. I believe this is the case at Google. It's a classic case of mass hysteria. I call it "rage against reality". It's also evident in many other sectors of society.

At Google (in addition to many others) the cognitive dissonance stems from a staunch belief that race is not a factor, and that any suggestion (or fact) suggesting otherwise is racist and incorrect. But unfortunately, reality proves otherwise. One example is the View On IQ National Dataset which clearly shows race is a factor in IQ scores.

If an effort to cope with this harsh reality, they simply choose to ignore it and create their own version of reality based not on fact but preconceived notions. The creation and perpetuation of political correctness, social justice warriors, affirmative action, the "race card", a denial of reverse racism and a general bastardization of racism can all be directly attributed to this coping mechanism. In colloquial terms - they have lost their f***ing minds!

When constructing a false reality, it's necessary to bend the truth, to omit parts of the truth, and sometimes to outright lie. One's ability to accept a lie as truth is directly proportional to their desire to live in their alternate reality. Sometime, to some people, a lie can become their truth. It is certainly possible for Google to claim (with a straight face) that almost all the greatest American inventors were black. When pressed, they can come up with an endless number of reasons to justify their beliefs. Debating, arguing, or even showing these people undeniable truth is ineffective. They have obviously decided to reject rational thought.

They know that perception is reality, so they're desperately trying to shape our perception to help guide us toward, and eventually align our reality with their false reality (i.e. brain washing). When the source is the media, we call it fake news. When it originates from government, it's propaganda.

Of course, their strategy is doomed to failure because the truth is absolute and reality is not subjective. A lie cannot change the truth. A false reality cannot change actual reality. You can use half-truths and lies to fool some of the people some of the time (including yourself), but you can't fool all the people all the time. Eventually the cognitive dissonance will become so apparent and uncomfortable that people will reject the false reality and return to the truth. The purveyors of double-speak and un-truth will be summarily tossed into the tarnished trash bin along with their perpetually tarnished reputations.

So it begs the question, can we trust anything that comes out of the Google results? Sadly, based on the few obviously biased Google results I've received, I will no longer trust anything Google tells me. An alternative to Google is needed.

It's very interesting and should be noted that other search engines including Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yandex (owned by Russian corporation) and also return similar racist results. Could all these search engines be run by the same people? Have I stumbled upon a coordinated effort by the largest tech corporations to manipulate the entire world into a racist fantasy land? wow...

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According to this article on zerohedge, Google maps will sometimes direct people who are searching for an abortion clinic to pro-life family planning organizations. I haven't tested it.

Disclaimer - The opinions presented in this page are completely crazy and should be ignored by all rational persons. I love Google. I love Google so much!