My Experience With Midwest Bullion Exchange

by Kevin xxxxx


This is not a review. I want to share my experience so that others can make an informed decision about ordering from Midwest Bullion Exchange. This is my only order from Midwest Bullion Exchange, so I don't know if it is typical.

I have also ordered from APMEX, and you may be interested to see the differences is order processing and shipping times.

Order Details

I ordered a few hundred dollars worth of very common coins. The website listed them as "in stock". I placed my order on the afternoon of Jan 15th, 2016 (which was a Friday before a 3 day weekend). Because I placed the order late on Friday, I would not expect the order to be processed that day. I paid with a debt card.

I'm not aware of an unusually large increase in demand for these coins at the time I placed my order. However, there had been a consistent and fairly high demand for quite some time. These same coins were listed as "in stock" at almost all other sellers at the time I ordered.


Date Event
Jan 15, 2016 Order placed.
Feb 1, 2016

I sent the following email to the owner.


My name is Kevin xxxxx, order #xxx placed on January 15th. I wanted to verify there are no issues with my order (it's been over two weeks since I placed my order). Also, could you please provide an estimated shipping date. Please let me know if I can assist you in any way.

Thank you,
Kevin xxxxx
(my email address)

About an hour later I received the following email from the owner.

Hi Kevin

I will follow up on this asap.


Feb 3, 2016 My debt card was charged.
Feb 10, 2016 My order was shipped. A tracking number was provided on the website. No email notification was sent.
Feb 12, 2016 My order arrived. Signature was required. Coins were well packaged in a plain box. Some of the coins were in standard plastic tube(s). The remaining coins (not enough to fill a tube) were stacked and wrapped inside bubble wrap. They were wrapped in such a way that they could have scratched each other - but I should note that the condition of these particular coins is generally not a critical issue for most people.


From start to finish the order took 28 days (19 business days) to complete. No serious problems were encountered. Response from the owner was prompt.

I've read that some bullion companies typically take several weeks to complete orders, and other companies typically only take a few days.


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