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I created these free computer networking quizzes to help myself study for the "Microsoft Exam 98-366: Networking Fundamentals" certification (I passed). I've made all my quizzes freely available to everyone in hopes that they may help you study for an exam or help you determine if you're ready to take an exam - or maybe just for fun.

These are just simple quizzes. Pick the best answers and hit the "Show Score" button - that's it. Your scores won't be saved or sent off anywhere.

An answer key is available here: Answer Key.

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I've tried to ensure that all the information in these quizzes is accurate, but I cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information on this web site.

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Computer Basics

Prerequisite for computer networking. Basic hardware and software knowledge.

Physical Connections

The cables, connectors and wireless signals used to connect computers to the network.


The switches, routers, and other hardware that enables the network to operate.


The rules that define how data is processed to allow devices in the network to communicate.

IP Addressing

IP addresses make it possible to locate devices in the network.

OSI Model

The framework of layers that define how protocols move data across the network.


The hardware, software and methods used to secure a network.

Study Guide

An overview of Networking Fundamental concepts.