Watersound Trail Map


This map is sized to print out nicely on a standard sized sheet of paper, but you may need to adjust the orientation to landscape and/or download the image and print it with an image viewing program (because some browsers don't print well).

Note - There's a sign at the Conservation Park trailhead saying the Watersound trail is closed for repairs. The sign has been up for at least 6 months. Maybe people aren't supposed to be on the trail? So I'll just say that I've "heard from a friend" there hasn't been any work done to the trail in the past 6 months, and the trail only seems to need a couple minor fixes.

Be aware that insects can be a problem on the trail. My friend got chiggers in February and bit by horseflies in April.

Due to new home construction, the trailhead at Watersound has moved.

Watersound trail map